1. Unique Network Tools
Our Network Analysis Engine is based on over 2 years of development and 6 years of research into network theory started at Cornell University. It provides the capability to view networks in multiple ways with a flexibility that is on the cutting edge of network visualization. This tool allows users the ability to research their data based on reports of statistics and metrics, and follow up on their findings with the visual tool, or vice versa.


2. Unique Skillsets
Network theory is primarily being advanced from three academic fields: Electrical Engineering, Physics, and the social sciences (particularly Communication). Our team comes from academic and professional backgrounds in all three of these fields. We are communication and network specialists with network algorithm expertise, and more importantly, we have proven problem-solving experience.

3. Flexibility
Our tool and analysis methods are equally effective for large and small data applications, and our personalized attention allows for a dedication to client needs. The flexibility of our tools, metrics, and problem-solving mean that we will work to understand your data, create solutions that address your needs, and offer additional suggestions that you may not have considered.