In the last few years the technology community has seen an advent of web services and technologies that are often lumped together into a broad category called "Web 2.0." This explosion of popular web services has also lead to an explosion of relational data; data sets that contain information about how users relate to one another, what users are doing in common, or how pieces of information unrelated to users are related to other pieces of information.

GroupScope is your solution to organizing, understanding, learning from, and reacting to this new information. We are part consulting firm and part technology firm, which means that we can serve your needs by providing advice and suggestions about what you can do with your current data, and what new data points you might consider collecting to enable more robust and useful analysis of your networks. Equally important is our core technology - a visual network engine that allows you to explore the relationships in your data visually with the ability to add personalized statistics and metrics to help quickly understand the structure of your networks as you research them.

This visual networking tool can be applied as a back end research tool for managers, marketers, and analysts, or as a front end tool to open the network up to the user community that formed it in the first place. Don't underestimate the gratitude you will receive from your dedicated users by allowing them to explore the networks that they constitute.

Please explore the rest of this site to learn more about what we offer and what makes our offerings unique, and check out our first publicly available application - LinkSViewer - a visual network analysis tool for the investment and personnel relationships in Silicon Valley (sign up for the free trial for 2 weeks of full access), as well as our most recent custom app developed in partnership with Forbes - the 2007 Forbes 400 Relationship Viewer. They are good examples of what we can do with your data.