GroupScope's services can be described as falling into the categories of consulting and services.

GroupScope consulting draws upon our expertise in network theory and statistical application. The first step is to examine your data (or a sample of your data) to understand what relationships exist, what attributes exist, and what can be accomplished with that data. The results of that analysis outline what is possible, and what the benefits might be. We also provide information about potential future applications that could be accomplished if new types of data were collected, and suggestions about how to collect that data. Every dataset is different and every user may have different goals in mind, so working together to idenitify what you want to get out of the data is key.

Our Core Technology serves as a platform to present your data back to you. After initial consulting, your data (or a sample of it) can be presented in a basic interface to show what types of visual network analysis will be possible. This sample serves as a springboard to move to the final version which will have full functionality for constructing, manipulating, and filtering the networks in your data.

The success of our consulting and software services depends upon our ability to understand the needs of our customers and explain how network analysis can address those needs. We look at each new opportunity as an exciting chance to apply our understanding of networks to a new problem, and prove that this technology is relevant for everyone.