Our relationships with clients are very important to us. They are a crucial part of successfully executing our consulting, and implementing a new technology in a way that is useful and productive for the user. Here is some insight to a typical client relationship.

How We Work With You
We are experts in network theory, but you have a 'local knowledge' of your data. Just as we have spent years working with networks, you have spent a great deal of time in and around your data, and we recognize the importance of using that 'local knowledge' to creat a tool that addresses the needs of your organization or community. Some data contains obvious relationships, but it's always important to learn from our clients about non-obvious relationships, about how the data is created, and about current pain points in understanding the data.

An initial version of our visual network interface can be implemented that attempts to address your needs, and then both the visual component and the statistical component can be tweaked to more fully address your needs as we receive feedback. Our goal is to be useful immediately, and always improving.

Initial Questions
Some initial questions that we help every new client to address include:
1. What are the relational apsects of my data?
2. What are the most important attributes of the data, and how will we use them?
3. Are there any non-obvious relationships that are important to my data?
4. What is the size/format of my dataset?
5. How do I envision using the visual component? The statistical component?
6. What would a sample dataset look like? What are the initial relationships I would like to view?