LinkSViewer is the first publicly available application of our Visual Network Engine. We added a visual component to the relational data of our partners at Link Silicon Valley (, who have collected public record data about companies in the Silicon Valley, their investors, and their board members and management teams. LinkSV provides a great resource with in-depth profiles for each company, investor, and person, but it lacked a way to leverage the relational nature of the data. Silicon Valley is a particularly good dataset to examine in this manner because of the density of ties - ask anyone and they'll tell you - "Silicon Valley is a small world."

By looking at the LinkSV data with our engine, users can explore the complex relationships quickly - save time, discover hidden relationships, and understand networks of influence. Users can search for companies, investors, and/or people, and then combine their networks and filter them according to any of the attributes collected by LinkSV (# of rounds of funding, start year, sector, number of boards, and more). Go to to see how it works. Sign up for a free 2 week trial to play with all of the features, and try clicking on the sample maps at the bottom of the home page - they are good examples of how to use the tool, and a good example of what can be done with relational data.