Partnering with Forbes to create a relationship viewer for the 2007 Forbes 400 list was a great opportunity to show the value of visual networks. Every year Forbes creates a whirlwind of attention around the 400 richest Americans, but this list has the same problem as every other list - there's no easy way to understand how the relationships. The Forbes 400 Relationship Viewer allows the user to include or exclude whatever criteria necessary to discover and explore interesting relationships. Forbes asked us to include data for the list member alumni from four prestigious universities: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Want to compare the MBA's from one university to those of another? Or see how the combined networks of Harvard and Stanford alumni look with regard to the manner in which they amassed their fortunes (self made/inherited)? Or see how the state a person lives in relates to the industry he/she makes money in? Now all of this is possible - and not just possible, but fun and easy! What could this do for your data? For your users? Contact: brad [at] to find out.