Network Visualizations
Our core technology is our Network Visualization Engine which can present any relational dataset visually, and has the flexibility to deal with multiple types of relationships and as much attribute data as necessary. No matter how complex your data is, there are interesting relationships that can be revealed.

Network Statistics
The engine is also capable of running statistical reports across entire datasets apart from the visualizations. This can be very helpful for investigating patterns in the data, or finding the highest and lowest ranked data points according to different attributes. The visual component can then be used to examine the results of those reports, fostering a cooperative approach to analysis through statistics and visuals

Any Relational Dataset
The tool can handle most formats of data, and scales well for large and small datasets.

LinkSViewer is the first publicly available application of our engine. Click here to read more about it. LinkSViewer shows how different types of relationships can be represented, and how those relationships and the data within can be filtered according to its attributes. The LinkSViewer User Interface (UI) is very basic. Our small team is made up of analytic and network experts, and we are just beginning the process of incorporating more design and interface expertise. We plan to upgrade the UI so that it matches the back end (analytic engine) in flexibility, robustness, and creativity.

Recent advances in design and development programming make it a wonderful time to build an interface, and we are very excited about our prospects. Stay tuned, and we hope to show you cool new stuff as soon as possible.