Visual Network Analysis is a new direction in data analysis. Recent advances in technology make it possible to quickly compute the necessary relationships and provide a visual interface to complex relational datasets with a host of benefits to the user:

Time Savings
A clear benefit to the user are the massive time savings for interpretation of relational data. A single network can represent multiple types of relationships and multiple degrees of relations, allowing the user to absorb a great deal of information from one screen's worth of data. Consider that, at its simplest usage level, it serves as a cross-referencing tool that presents the relevant relationships in a network to the user in a split-second. Performing the cross-referencing would take hours.

Migrate between the network maps and the descriptive statistics to quickly absorb the complex information. Move fluidly from one map view to another to examine differences and changes. Easily construct, filter, expand, and contract the networks to find the relationships that you are looking for.

The web interface means your tool can be securely accessed from anywhere, regardless of operating system. (Of course other options are available if desired.)

Other Value Adds
1. Uncover hidden relationships just by looking at the networks.
2. Use the visual tool to understand how two different datasets relate to one another.
3. Make use of several 'preset' views to get you started examining the networks in different ways until you're comfortable filtering and manipulating on your own.